About Us

Background and General Information :

Nuhance Nutraceuticals LLP was formed after extensive research and work on modern diets consisting of nutrient deficient, home and outside fast food. The food is nutrient deficient due to largely man-made problem which arise due to the lack of hygienic storage facilities, rough handing and a general lack of optimum care and prudence in growing these essential day to day items.
The founders, Mr. Ramchandra Soman (BE- Electronics + with over 30 years of industry experience) and Dr. Ajit Kolatkar (MD, Ayurved + over 20 years of experience in practice and industry) realized that the above problem would only be solved by long term solutions like education and an embedded ethic to serve an essential item business, or an immediate solution to prevent a major crises relating to lifestyle disorders, formed the business, Nuhance Nutraceuticals LLP.

NuHance Nutraceuticals commitment :

NuHance stands for Nutrition Enhanced. NuHance Nutraceuticals LLP is engaged in the business of manufacturing world class dietary supplements, and is inspired by a blend of Traditional Indian Medicinal knowledge (Ayurveda) and modern nutrition. All our nutritional supplements are aimed to provide optimum nutrition and reduce nutritional deficiencies using fully natural herbal extracts. Herbs used in our nutritional products are certified under ‘GRAS’ category by WHO i.e. ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’ for human consumption. We at NuHance are committed to help people enhance their nutritional intakes and lead healthy lives by trying to prevent the occurrence of lifestyle and related disorders.
95% of Lifestyle disorders (diabetes, cancer, cardiac problems, obesity, strokes etc) can be attributed to nutritional deficiencies.
How does our fast paced lifestyle lead to these nutritional deficiencies and the ideal conditions for getting a proper nutrition rich diet are as follows.

Ideal Conditions for better absorption of Nutrients :

We get majority of bio similar nutrients from the soil. However, we humans are unable to absorb these if we eat soil. Hence, we (average human) are likely to absorb nutrients better if they tend to originate from consumption of plants (vegetables and fruits).
A diet rich in plant-based ingredients is more likely to provide all nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are naturally balanced by soil/ earth through various plants we eat. Neutral soil PH is optimal for plants to thrive which is from 5.5 to 7.

Current Conditions for nutritional deficiencies :

1. Ignorant and excessive use of pesticides and insecticides along with burning of crops has rendered our soil pH in an imbalanced state. (Media: Video)
2. Neutral soil pH (7) helps plants absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the soil. If the soil pH is affected (Media: Hero Chart), however an imbalance in the Soil PH can tend to produce plants (vegetables and fruits) inherently nutrition deficient.
3. Furthermore, Humans have commercialized sources of food for decades. This has made us consume a nutrient deficient diet.
4. 95% of all lifestyle disorders are prevalent due to Nutritional Deficiencies.

Counter act the current conditions with a balanced nutrient rich die. What is a Balanced Diet?

Balanced nutrition is the most important aspect to be Healthy and reduce possibilities of illnesses. Lack of adequate nutrition and nutrients affects the proper functioning of bodily systems resulting in various lifestyle disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, indigestion, acidity etc.
Balanced nutrition includes consumption of right amounts of nutrients like Amino Acids & Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fats including Omega-3, Omega-6, Fiber, Carbohydrates and Water.
One’s daily nutrition should include anti-inflammatory substances to reduce incidences of cardiovascular problems, joint problems, Immunomodulatory ingredients to improve immune system and resistance to infections, and anti-oxidants to help fight oxidative stress.
One’s diet is of utmost importance not only for the body’s natural healing process in a diseased state but also in trying to maintain proper health. 95% of the lifestyle disorders/diseases show a high correlation to wrong nutrition choices.
Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) has over the years advocated the importance of diet in our daily life. The traditional diet used to consist of many vegetables, spices, herbs, legumes, seeds, millets etc. This diet was rich in phyto-nutrients with proven health benefits and provided us with various vitamins, minerals, trace elements, pre-hormones.
In today's hectic, fast paced life there has been a steady rise in various metabolic diseases as well as lifestyle disorders which are mainly of preventive nature. Proper nutritional supplementation or daily use of dietary supplements is of vital importance to maintain good health.